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Our purpose is to establish an environment that creates a safe, fun, energetic, and positive atmosphere for children, teens, and adults to learn and express the art of dance. We intentionally focus on both the internal and external expression of movement and not the competitive spirit that is so commonly associated with dance. It is our desire to be the best example and role model that we can possibly be. Also, it is important to us to help students understand why they dance and to one day think back on their dance experience as a fulfilling one!

Mission Statement

Always remember why you dance. Enjoy what you do. Move with Passion, Purpose, and Grace.™


Multiple Dance Genres
Currently Sole offers dance classes (primarily the foundation of ballet) based on age. Soon we desire to expand our classes into specific genres of dance for all ages.
Dance Apparel
Since there are limited options for purchasing dance apparel in Florence, we hope to sell basic items such as shoes, leotards, tights, and accessories. Our vision is not to open a full retail space, but instead provide the convenience of purchasing what you need while at the studio.
Update: We've done it! Click here to learn more.
We strive to employ Godly, multi-talented dance instructors who have a passion for dance and children. We want Sole to be a safe place whose doors are opened to as many people as possible. We look forward to having a close-knit staff family!
Ballet Barre
Update: We've done it! Click here to learn more.
A ballet barre is a critical tool for use in the training and strengthening of dancers in classical ballet and other genres. The only functional piece left for our studio is a wall-mounted, double ballet barre. We have been unable to find exactly what we want and need in a barre during our start up months, so we're now striving to find the perfect barre for Sole. We currently use a free-standing barre for our private classes and look forward to having our wall-mounted barre for group classes.
Dance Studio
Update: We've done it! Click here to learn more.
The desire of Sole is that one day my students will have a facility to call their own. This facility would have all the equipment, space, and supplies needed to better enrich my students and my ability to teach them. It is my goal to continuously grow and share the joy of dance to not only Florence, Alabama, but to one day spread this passion across our nation and abroad.