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Meet Our Team!

Jay Hayes

Jay hayes Hey, it's Jay! You may know me as "Mr. Jay". I'm the lucky guy that calls himself Leslie's husband. It's an incredible honor to have the opporunity to be an influence in your children's lives. Thanks for trusting us! When I'm not at Sole, I'm a big nerd. Seriously, I work for Big Nerd Ranch as a programmer and teacher. Thanks for supporting the studio! I look forward to seeing you there!

* Office Manager

Rachel Kennedy

Rachel kennedy My name is Rachel Kennedy and I began dancing at the age of 13 with Leslie Hayes. She not only taught me technique and choreography, she taught me how to dance with passion, purpose and grace.

September 2013, I moved to Texas to be a part of a Christian dance training program called Ingredients. It’s a nine month program of dance training and discipleship. When I finished my trainee year, I was invited to be on their professional dance company for another 9 months.

I am now back at Sole where you not only learn style, technique and choreography, you learn to dance for a greater purpose than what this world has to offer. We dance for an Audience of One to give God all the glory! We dance with passion, we dance knowing we are created with purpose and we dance with grace!

I love this gift of dance and I love sharing it with anyone and everyone. I’m excited to be a part of Sole and to see God’s heart revealed through this art!

* Teacher

Kelly Grace Hollis

Kg hollis My name is Kelly Grace Hollis and this is a very small part my story. I have been dancing for the past 21 years and teaching dance for the past 16 years. My dance training includes Ballet, Tap, Jazz and little snippets of Hip-Hop and Irish dancing. I was best of the best at the studio where I trained, with the awards to prove it...but that was not enough.

Eleven years ago the Lord brought me to a place where I was able to see what He wanted from my abilities that He had given me and it changed the way I thought, taught and danced. So here I am eleven years later and I'm still learning and thriving in the place that the Lord has me in this moment. Striving for excellence in the ability that I have been gifted with and in the details of everyday life to bring Him the glory and honor that only He is worthy of.

* Teacher

Natalie Clingan

Natalie clingan My name is Natalie Joy Clingan, and I am passionate about dance! I love to worship Jesus and give Him glory with my dancing. It is an honor to teach/assist your children, and I cherish every moment I spend with them. I have been assisting at Sole since July 2013 and teaching since July 2014. I have sincerely loved every minute of it! I cannot wait to see what this year has in store for us!

* Teacher/Assistant Instructor

Abby Johnson

Abby johnson My name is Abby Johnson. I have been dancing for eleven years. It is my love and my passion. The reason I dance is not to strive for perfection, but to give glory to my Heavenly Father with everything I do and every movement I make. God has placed a love for worship in my heart ever since I was a little girl. I love to worship Him not only through dancing, but also through singing, playing piano, and leading worship in my church.

The desire of my heart is for the Lord to use my life for His glory. My heart is to share His love through dancing and teach other young dancers that it is not about being the “perfect dancer.” It is about releasing what our loving Creator has placed in our hearts and giving everything we have back to Him. I am so thankful for the love of dance that God has placed in me. I am so blessed to be a part of Sole and to dance with so many wonderful and talented dancers.

* Teacher/Assistant Instructor

Ella Hayes

Ella hayes My name is Ella Hayes, and I have been dancing for over 10 years now. I've taken Ballet, Jazz, Modern, Hip Hop, and Irish, but just these past few years I've learned the most incredible reason to dance... to worship Him. God began to show me how to change my focus and praise Him through dance, and it's changed my life tremendously.

Leslie has taught me so much about, not only technique and choreography, but also dancing with a pure heart, and I believe in teaching that to other dancers. I love to be able to teach other young dancers and watch the Lord work in their hearts. I'm so thankful to have a place like Sole where I am surrounded by people that, not only love God, but also love and care about me and everyone around them.

* Assistant Instructor

Victoria Schafer

Victoria schafer Hello my name is Victoria Schafer and I have had the privilege of dancing with Sole and Leslie Hayes since 2012. There have been many lessons since then that God has taught me on that wooden dance floor. I remember one lesson in particular; I used to be afraid to watch myself in the mirror. I did not want to see all my flaws. But if I never looked in the mirror I could not see what needed to be corrected. Without God changing us, we cannot be transformed to look like our Father. I want your daughters to learn "The Mirror Lesson"; that we don't have to fear our flaws because God teaches us through our failures. God can take our ashes and make them beautiful.

* Assistant Instructor

Morgan Stansky

Morgan stansky Hello! My name is Morgan Stansky. I have danced for 3 years and love every minute of it! Dance is one of the ways that I express my love to Jesus. I also love to sing and lead worship. I have plans to go to college for worship leadership and continue to follow where the Lord is leading me. I love getting to spend time with all the dancers at the studio and do what we love for the One we love!

Luke 1:37 says, "For nothing will be impossible with God." The Lord is my strength and at any point that I feel I can't do something, He reminds me of that scripture. Our Father is so good and loves us so incredibly much!

* Assistant Instructor

Kaity Klinghard

Kaity klinghard Hi! My name is Kaity Klinghard. I've been dancing since I was three years old. I have discovered over the years that dance is truly my passion. My ultimate goal in life is to open an orphanage/dance school in a Third World country. My desire is to help underpriviledged and hopeless children experience the love of God, the love of a family, and the joy of expression through dance. Thank you for this opportunity to assist in teaching your children. I'm excited for a great season!

* Assistant Instructor

Emma Kate Griffin

Emma kate griffin I'm Emma Kate Griffin, and I am really passionate about dancing. I have found that it is a great way to express my feelings and especially my love for my Heavenly Father. I have been dancing since the age of three. I have taken Ballet, Modern, Hip Hop, Jazz, Tap, Lyrical, Irish, and Tribal. I also enjoy the theatrical side of dance, as I often participate in community theatre.

God has placed a special love for children in my heart. I really love working with kids as they grow in dance and discover their identity in Jesus. I am so blessed to be a part of an amazing team that believes in God's passion, purpose, and grace for our lives. I am striving to learn all I can, whether it be in a dance class or in life. I give God all the glory!

* Assistant Instructor